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Date: 2020-03-05

Sears is the earliest in the United States and one of the largest retail companies in the world to date. Sears was founded in 1884 and initially focused on the mail order business. Entering the 20th century, this company has become the largest retail enterprise in the United States. In the 1920s, Sears began to build retail stores, which is what we call supermarkets today. In the first half of the 20th century, Sears played a very important pioneering role in the history of world retail development.


Of course, in the second half of the 20th century, with the rise of retail rookies such as Wal-Mart and Amazon, this veteran company seems to be no longer so dazzling, but to interpret retail, we must return to the starting point of retail, otherwise the secret of the retail story will never be beaten open.


Many people are talking about new retail today. In fact, the essence of old and new retail is retail. If you understand the essence, you can even say that there is no difference between old and new. The so-called old and new retail is nothing more than to examine and grasp the essence of retail in different times. If you don’t understand the essence of retail, just follow the trend and talk about new retail. This must be empty talk. Finally, you will find that no new retail concept is easy to use.


Connect products to customers


Back to Sears, the originator of retail. Why was this company the first to do mail order business? The mail order service means that the product catalog is sent to the customer, and then the product is mailed according to the customer's choice. From this perspective, I am afraid that many people will be surprised, did this exist more than 100 years ago? Isn't that the case now? Only the technical means are different. Indeed, this is the beginning of modern retail, and also shows the essence of modern retail.


To understand Sears, we must also return to the era of history, because that is the era of customer growth and the source of nourishing business growth.


At that time, the United States was also a major agricultural country, and industrialization was beginning to prosper. Therefore, ordinary people are the largest consumers, and the largest customer group is farmers. The biggest change brought about by industrialized working methods is the emphasis on efficiency. Maybe people didn't care much about time in the past, or they didn't calculate time accurately, but the whole industrialization process is affecting the change of people's concepts. So from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, one of the most popular products was a watch used to confirm the time. People no longer used the method of rising and sunset to estimate time.


Therefore, Sears saw two of the most important elements: one is a farmer and the other is a watch. What is Sears? Sears is the existence between the customer and the watch. This existence is called retail.


Farmers represent customers, and tables represent products. Then, the definition of retail is the bridge between products and customers. This is the essence of retail and the mission of retail. Retail must always look for these two elements and follow the changes of these two elements. If they can't keep up with their beats, they will be thrown away by products and customers, which is why there are always new players in retail.


The essence of retail is logistics


Retail is a bridge connecting products and customers. From this perspective, retail is a bit like a matchmaker. However, this is only a preliminary understanding of the essence of retail, and is the value of retail. To understand the origin of retail in a more essential place, we must continue to analyze from the perspective of historical process.


Let ’s consider a question first: Why did Sears not build a retail store in the beginning, but instead did a mail order business? In fact, the reason is also very simple, because it was not convenient for farmers to enter the city at that time.


Think again, why can Sears mail-order products to farmers? We have to be clear first that the traffic we are in today is already very developed, but do n’t assume that these traffics appear naturally. Modern transportation has improved little by little in the past historical process. Sears grasped two major opportunities for the development of American transportation.



All retail formats meet on the runway


If you think about the practices of Alibaba and, everything is not surprising. Alibaba and took the express highway, but no one ignored logistics. To let the world have no difficult business, the logistics must be well planed.


Many people think that Alibaba and have different business models, but when it comes to retail business, they must be essentially the same. The difference is, which of the two methods of cooperation and self-employment can maximize the value of logistics. In fact, the two are not in conflict, they can coexist. If these two models do not interfere with each other and are used for customer value creation, then the two companies are actually in harmony and different, both are focusing on the essence of retail. The improvement of China's logistics level will jointly promote the development of China's retail industry, and there is no doubt that customers will also become the biggest beneficiaries.


Not only Alibaba and, but all retail formats including Wal-Mart and Amazon will meet on the logistics runway. No one can relax.


In short, the times have improved and the essence of retail has not changed. Retail enterprises should not only look at popular concepts, but more importantly, they must grasp the essence of retail. Otherwise, the concepts of repopularity have nothing to do with themselves.


In other words, to do retail, you only need to constantly look for changing customers and products, and give yourself the ability to logistically connect customers and products. In the supply chain to customers, who can more efficiently establish the connection between products and customers, and ensure that the product, itself, and customers are symbiotic and win-win, who can find their own survival position in the retail position.


In contrast to the current status of new retail in China, focusing on creating smart retail stores with high-quality services and immersive experiences, it is about creating a highly integrated unity of 'people, goods, and stores', which is in line with the above analysis.


In the existing store configuration intelligent products, it can subtly help the store to create a highly integrated and unified 'people and goods yard', which is none other than electronic tags. Electronic tags replace traditional paper price tags. This is a place where consumers have the highest visual frequency and are the least noticeable.



The display effect of the electronic ink screen is up to 90% similar to that of ordinary paper. The viewing angle is large and non-reflective, which can bring great visual comfort to consumers; changing prices and prices, intelligent control of background software, and one-key update display. It can reduce a lot of time and labor for supermarket stores, and improve efficiency; combined with the electronic tag QR code link function and third-party marketing software, it can achieve perfect interaction between merchants and consumers, creative marketing activities, and increase sales.


Regarding retail, you may be wrong

For consumers, it ’s like a girl who has “pseudo makeup” and ca n’t tell what has changed. It means that everything has become beautiful and comfortable, and everything is beautiful. The results are supported by powerful native configurations.


If you see this, consider changing your store price tag to make the electronic tag the most powerful configuration support for your store.


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