Dintech limited-Smart Retail

Date: 2019-02-26

Smart retail is a new retail model that is generated under the mature conditions of the Internet of IOT, driven by technology and consumer demand. Its main keywords are focused on 'technology-driven' and 'consumer demand'.


As a new retail omni-channel solution provider combining software and hardware, in order to help retailers create digital scene applications and truly land in smart retail 'smart stores', the hardware products 'electronic shelf label' of Dintech limited  have become essential Important bond.


Dintech limited-Smart Retail


Instead of traditional paper labels, unified management


ESL, also known as electronic shelf label, is an electronic display device with information receiving and sending function. It is placed on the shelf and was born in the 1980s. It is a new generation of multi-stable electronic display device that can replace traditional paper price tags. . In recent years, it has become the new darling of the retail industry, especially the supermarket industry.


It is estimated that from 2017 to 2020, the global ESL market will grow at a rate of 30% every year. By 2020, the market size will reach 10 billion RMB, and the Asia-Pacific region will become one of the rapidly developing regions, with huge market potential.


Dintech limited-Smart Retail


Reduce labor costs, increase profits, and quickly promote


Dintechl limited  has adopted a more stable 'electronic ink screen technology' in the processing of electronic label screens. The simple appearance and environmental protection concept have also made this small electronic screen win the favor of many retailers.


At the same time, from a long-term perspective, according to data statistics, in the rising labor costs, the use of electronic tags instead of paper tags can reduce the number of employees by 19.4%. The product can also be reused, which is convenient for unified management of the headquarters and Price unification. And Dintech limited's comprehensive follow-up maintenance work for electronic shelf label has also greatly reduced the overall cost of stores.


Dintech limited-Smart Retail

1. Online upgrade


Gateway firmware and ESL firmware support online upgrade


2. Automatic page turning


In supermarkets, there are a lot of goods on the shelves, and the limitations of paper labels will make the information of many products blurred, and the electronic shelf label  of Dintech limited can set the time / condition for automatic label page turning without manual. It enables merchants to have a more comprehensive understanding of the details of the products they want to purchase, and supports a series of functions such as a mobile phone touch tab to display a detail page.


3. There is no upper limit on the number of templates


Different sales scenarios with different forms of electronic label templates, combined with different themes and festivals at the moment, real-time promotions no longer have to be in a hurry.


4. Multiple products with one label


The unique split-screen display function of Dintech limited supports the display of up to eight products on a label at the same time, displaying multiple templates, and supports the function of multi-template separate price changes, saving space for small supermarket shelves and clear product information.


Dintech limited-Smart Retail


5. System warning, real-time notification to the administrator


When the label is abnormal, the system will notify the administrator to check it at the first time, and set a low battery warning mode to effectively reduce unnecessary losses in the store.


6. More secure


The system supports encryption at the application level and encryption at the private layer of the transport layer. Commercial and private privacy is more fully protected by double layers.


7. Congestion channel avoidance


It supports automatic detection of congested channels, and can adjust and switch between different channels.


8. Quick update


'Real-time promotion' is no longer a new thing as a marketing tool. Real-time high-frequency price updates are required by many supermarkets today. The label system of Dengying Technology supports 12,000 labels real-time refresh, which can be updated in five minutes. Complete all price changes within a short period of time, promote sales quickly, and save time and effort in inventory clearance.


Dintech limited-Smart Retail

In general, the electronic shelf label system of Dintech limited  has realized the ability to synchronize the prices and promotions of physical stores and online malls, which has greatly improved the efficiency of store operations. Its unique function display also enables store management to effectively simplify the previous complicated workflow and significantly improve store operation efficiency.


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