2018 CHINASHOP Dintech limited Public Welfare Gallery Donation Income Announcement

Date: 2018-11-13

The 2018 China Full Retail Conference and the twentieth China Retail Expo has officially ended on November 3 in Kunming, Spring City.


Since its establishment, Dintech limited  has been committed to the healthy and steady development of the company, and has been paying attention to the socially disadvantaged groups and practicing social corporate responsibility. Now all the proceeds from the public welfare galleries of this exhibition will be publicized.


A total of 30 paintings were exhibited at the scene, which were purchased in advance by Dintech limited from the Family Social Work Service Center for people with mental disabilities. A total of 2,500 RMB.


A  total of 15 paintings were sold on site on November 13, 2018, totaling 900 RMB. 


Thank you for your support for charity projects. In the coming days, Dintech limited will continue to explore the road of charity.



DINTECH LIMITED is a world-leading retail omnichannel solution provider for electronic tags and indoor positioning and navigation.


The company uses a combination of software and hardware, integrates the entire industry chain resources into one, realizes the digitalization of stores and the wisdom of stores, helps customers improve customer satisfaction, and allows consumers to easily shop while experiencing interaction and fun.


So far, Dintech limited  has owned more than 30 invention patents, covering more than a dozen countries and regions including China, the United States, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan and India.

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